Thursday, 17 September 2009

That's it... at least here, that is.

I have now decided that as there is no more foreseeable regular updates to the house, since construction is over more than a year go, I will no longer update this blog.

I will still keep this blog though, as it seems to be quite useful to friends of friends, who are keen to get ideas for home construction.

You can visit my family blog, G E M B O where I occasionally post stuffs about the house, as well as what that blog is about, Life around our family (mainly shared with families).

I hope this blog has been useful to some, if not all of you, and will continue to be useful for newer visitors.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Garden? Not yet but working on it

The planters at the entrance... purple (Iman) and white (Muhammad) flowers.

Fir tree? They call it xmas tree at the nurseries

Purple plants creating borders for the drive way. We started planting these during the June 09 school holidays. It takes LOOOOTTTTSSSSS of patience :)

Vegetable patch slowly taking shape

New project, still thinking of what to plant here

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Fuyio Home Opening @ 19.07.09

My wife and I was invited to the opening of Fuyio Home recently. The owner is Henry Ling, the contractor who built our house.

From hearsay, i understand that Henry starts from the bottom, starting out as a plumber, than venture into carpentry, then into renovation, later into construction from the early 90s and now being the sole distributor of construction materials. A very busy man he is, his day always starts at 4 in the morning and finishes by 11 at night at worst.

I manage to speak to one of his suppliers, the Fujioh representative from Singapore, who said that he was taken aback by Henry's energy, driving from locations to locations in KB and Bandar, that it left them (reps from Fujioh n Golden Clay) exhausted. Yet Henry still plough on and on hahahah. I have seen him work!

And despite busy entertaining the crowd, Henry shared with me that the suppliers were previously pessimistic about Brunei market, but changed their mind when they saw the houses in Brunei with their own eyes. They see the potential, take the roof for example... in Brunei majority of the people still built individual house, so the demand for rood is still there. If you build 10 units apartment, the roof requirement is still only equivalent to 2 or 3 houses.

Anyway, you can visit Fuyioh at Menglait, Muhibbah complex if I am not mistaken, behind Le Apple bakery. If you are not familiar, it is not far from the road behind the Menglait Sports Complex (near the filling station).

Enjoy the pics below, but for more, please go to my Facebook.

Henry never missed out on Lion dance

That;s Henry. Strange to see him in suit heheh

Our house being used as one of the 'model'

Fujioh, one of the brands promoted by Fuyio Home. Fujio specialise in Kitchen hobs, hoods and kitchen stuffs

Congrats Henry. All the best to you.